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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'Traces' and a Big Day in the 'Big Apple'!

It's unusual for me to go for more than a few days without posting but busy barely begins to describe this past weekend.  With a long weekend ahead of us on Friday we decided to make the most of our time and pack it with a visit to the Bushnell Theater in Hartford on Sunday and a day trip to New York City on Monday.

On Sunday afternoon we went to Hartford to see 'Traces' perform at The Bushnell Theater.  My husband and I have season tickets and probably wouldn't normally have chosen to go see this acrobatic troupe perform.  That's the beauty of purchasing a season package - it forces you to experience theatrical presentations that maybe you wouldn't 'choose' to see.  We've gifted ourselves with this yearly indulgence for about 5 years now and have not ever been sorry.  Sure, there are some shows we haven't been crazy about but it has succeeded in expanding our world view.  'Traces' would not have been a show that we would have seen had the tickets not been part of the season package.  It's an urban acrobatic troupe that performs without fancy costumes, scenery or face paint.  They don't need it.  It is a small group (5 in our performance) of athletes that with minimal props and not one safety net use just their bodies to perform amazing feats.  If this group of athletes comes to your town, theater or college, make the effort to go and experience the exuberance of these gymnasts!  Below is a You Tube video from 'Traces'.

The next day loomed large ahead of me because I had been hit with another variety of viral doom from those darling middle school children I work with.  This one wasn't so bad but believe me I was hitting the drugs hard to make sure I wasn't out of commission for our day trip into New York City.  We love the city and everything that goes along with it.  The excitement and thrill of never really knowing what you'll be able to see on any given day is part of what draws us there over and over.  We decided to leave on the 9:11 train out of Southeast in Putnam County, NY.  You would think we would be able to make it to the train station in plenty of time...but - you would be wrong.  They actually held the train for us for a few minutes as we purchased our tickets out of a kiosk machine.  Even though it was Columbus Day we had to pay for a 'combo' ticket (peak/off-peak) and had to pay for parking in the lot.  I guess Metro-North knew they would be making lots of money on visitors to the city.  We've been traveling into the city on Columbus Day for several years now.  It's perfect weather and always a good opportunity to see the Columbus Day Parade.  New York City knows how to put on a good parade and yesterday was no exception.  We also walked up 5th Avenue, visited Rockefeller Center, Central Park South, FAO Schwarz, the Steve Jobs Memorial outside the Apple Store (touching), Columbus Circle, Times Square, Bryant Park and of course spent time perusing Grand Central.  We brought two 17 yr. old high school seniors (my son Alexander and his friend Colin) with us who were thrilled with our visit to 'Nintendo World' in Rockefeller Center, the candy we bought them at FAO Schwarz, the mass of humanity in Times Square, and the unexpected sighting of a very 'flamboyant' transvestite!  We practically 'ran into' the transvestite after we had bought hot pretzels outside Grand Central before catching our train.  A perfect way to end the day in New York City. 

We made it back to Danbury by 7:00 in the evening.  Our feet hurt and we were exhausted but it was worth it.  We're planning another trip in colder weather when museum visiting will be more appropriate.  Our son wants to see The Metropolitan Museum of Art but yesterday truly had to be spent roaming the streets. 

Here are some photos I took on 5th Avenue in front of the Apple store of the Steve Jobs memorial.

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